Tornado update

At 5:42PM on May 7th our property in Centreville had a tornado touch down.  There was only one person on premises, and they were unharmed.  Luckily the brunt of the damage was taken by our truck storage barn.  All of our service vehicles are ok but we probably lost a couple of delivery trucks,  so operations may be a litte slower than usual.  

We just want to thank everyone in the commuity who have reached out to us, we're ok but a litte shook up.  


What's New?

Remote Monitoring

For critical applications, or non primary residences we recommend using a cellular tank monitor. Also, to alleviate extra charges that you may incur for running out of gas.

Budget Plan

Based on your use history you can be setup up on our budget program, so you know you won't have any surprises. Enrollment Period is June through September.

MI Propane Rebates

You can get up to $150 rebate when replacing your hot water heater.  Visit for more info.