I’m out of gas, now what?

  1. Immediately close the SERVICE VALVE(s) on the PROPANE TANK.
  3. Call NOTTAWA GAS and report that “I am out of gas” and arrange a propane delivery.
  4. NOTE: An adult must be present when delivery person arrives and system put back into service. This includes pressure check of the system, re-light of pilots and check pilot safety system. If an adult is not at home when delivery person arrives, it is understood that propane service will not be re-instated and the propane tank not filled.

When should I call to have my tank filled?

Know your usage, an empty tank incurs additional charges. Please call Nottawa Gas when the tank is at 30% so we can schedule your delivery in a timely fashion. Please call the day before or earlier from your scheduled delivery day. (The schedule is available HERE). Otherwise, your account could be subject to an out-of-route charge of up to $200. This includes regular business hours and weekends. Out-of-gas deliveries will need a pressure/leak test for which there is a $35 charge.


What if my delivery can’t happen because of bad weather?

Our dedicated drivers will do their best to stay safe and make your delivery happen on your scheduled delivery day. If, for whatever reason, we are unable to make your delivery, it will happen on Friday of the same week. If it is snowing heavily, we ask that a pathway be shoveled to the tank. This will expedite delivery times for everyone.


What happens during a Gas Safety Check?

You and your family’s safety is of upmost importance to Nottawa Gas. This is a voluntary safety program offered by LP Gas providers, where our certified specialist will perform a FREE inspection of the propane containers, regulators, gas supply lines and instruments. This routine inspection is completed every 5 years. Someone in the household must be present (18 years or older) for this system check. Please call today to schedule your appointment.


How does the Budget Plan work?

Nottawa Gas offers a payment option, which allows new and existing customers to have the same payment each month. We’ll need to know your previous year’s usage to estimate your monthly payment. The budget year begins in August and goes through the following July. It's best to plan accordingly, because if your usage goes up during the year and you have additional deliveries, you are responsible for payment of the remaining amount before the next year begins. The only requirements to start the budget plan is that the initial order of 200 gallons must be paid for. If you are already a customer and have this amount in your tank – you are good to go. There are no extra fees for this service. This is a great way to keep track of your home heating and have the same monthly payment for the whole year.


What is a pre-buy?

Did you know you can pre-order your gas for the year? Pre-buy contract season begins sometime in July-August. There is a yearly $40 storage fee and a $10 delivery charge for each time a truck delivers. Unused gas that hasn’t been delivered by March 31st, is then at the current market price. Any contract customer can request a refund of their unused pre-paid amount, at the end of the contract if they don’t want to keep the money in their account.


What is the Direct Withdrawal payment option?

This option is only available to our Budget customers. Make payments easier for yourself. The automatic withdrawal can happen anytime during the month and comes directly from your checking or savings account.



Can you keep my credit card number on file?

Yes. There are three options: You can have your credit card information on file to automatically pay for a delivery after it occurs there is no need to contact us. Or we can keep your credit card information on file so when you are making a payment it will be a quicker process. Lastly, if your a budget customer and would like your payment to come out of your credit card on a specific day each month we can do that.



How can I create my own line of credit?

You are more than welcome to send in payments any time of the month and have that amount applied to your Nottawa Gas account. You determine the amount each time and the money will accumulate in your account. When you need to order your propane, check to see what the credit is on your account and then we can determine if any amount is still owed. This is great a program for C.O.D. accounts.


How do I read my invoice/delivery ticket?

Your delivery ticket is invoiced 20 cents higher than the 7-day cash price quoted over the phone by our customer service team. This discounted amount is at the bottom of your ticket with the date due. To receive the 7-day cash price its best to leave a check for the driver, be present at delivery, visit either of our locations, or call with a credit card # before that due date. Any payments made after that 7-day timeframe will be invoiced at the higher rate. To limit any further charges, we recommend that invoices be paid within 30 days.


What is my account status?

Invoices left unpaid for 45 days after delivery date are considered delinquent. A USPS Certified Letter (this is a $7.38 charge added to your Nottawa Gas account) is sent notifying the customer of this change of account status. Any future orders are changed to a pre-paid status. This is the time to call the office, clear up the past due amount or work out a monthly payment plan. Please respond to this letter within 14-days; no response to this letter will result in the account being sent to our Collections Agency (additional $20 charge). Any leased tanks, will be immediately scheduled for pick up. Also note, any past due balance on the account needs to be paid before the next delivery.


I am a seasonal resident and go south for the winter, can you make sure I don't run out of gas?

Yes, we require you to use a remote cellular monitor.