Delivery Days

***The schedule below is a general guideline and depending on your actual delivery address Nottawa Gas will use discretion accordingly.***


Nottawa store - Mottville, Sturgis, White Pigeon

Tekonsha store - Athens, Battle Creek, Bellevue, Burlington, Ceresco, Climax, Sherwood, Union City



Nottawa store - Centreville, Constantine, Jones, Marcellus, Nottawa, Three Rivers

Tekonsha store - Albion, Concord, Hanover, Homer, Marshall, Olivet, Parma, Tekonsha



Nottawa store - Athens, Climax, East Leroy, Fulton, Leonidas, Mendon, Schoolcraft, Scotts, Vicksburg

Tekonsha store - Allen, Southeast Coldwater, Hillsdale, Jonesville, Litchfield, Reading, Quincy



Nottawa store - Bronson, Burr Oak, Colon, Sherwood

Tekonsha store - Bronson, Southwest Coldwater


Schedule Flexing

In the winter, we may work ahead of schedule to keep ahead of inclement weather. It's a lot easier to deliver the propane before the snow/freezing-rain/sharknado hits. Also usually around holidays we will try to work ahead a couple of days so if you are scheduling deliveries before Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years, you may want to do it a couple days early since we'll probably be pushing the schedule ahead a day or so.